CUPS 71: A List of Pros And Cons

*Car pulls up, a woman excitedly steps out holding a dozen balloons

*Woman opens back door and pulls out a giant Edible Arrangements®

*Woman rings doorbell, giggling to herself

*’A LIST OF PROS AND CONS!’ She yells maniacally when you open the door, and runs away screaming with delight

*A separate van pulls up with two men in hospital-like clothing.

*One man steps out and corrals the woman who is running around deliriously while the other man pulls out a syringe.

*One man catches the woman in his arms as she squirms uncontrollably

*The other man injects the woman with whatever is in the syringe.

*The man slowly injects the serum and as the woman begins to lose consciousness, he sighs and whispers, slowly but audibly ‘…a list of pros and cons…’

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