CUPS 130: Finally Moving

Rick was going to do some research on Syracuse, but then Are You The One? came on, and you guys know how that goes.

An announcement – With this, the 130th comic of CUPS, the strip is going on indefinite hiatus. My life is going to be undergoing some fairly big changes in the coming months, and I figured I’d rather take a break and devote myself to all the things that need devoting to, rather than trimming attention and capabilities to those things and also a comic I very much care about. So, I hope you enjoyed reading the strip as much as I enjoyed making it. Maybe in a month or a year or a few years I’ll return to CUPS — I’ll surely have a new creative endeavor somewhere along the way — But I’ll be sure to post my happenings here when they… uh… happen. I’ll be honest with you — I really enjoyed doing this strip, and I definitely am bummed to become yet another Webcomic Artist Who Cannot Keep A Schedule, but there you go and here we are. Feel free to comment, tweet me, or follow me on Instagram, where I’m currently rolling out new CUPS strips to reach a slightly different audience. Thanks for being along for the ride, guys.

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CUPS 119: Wait

Wow, so much drama… I think it’s safe to say that we’ve got a real Ross and Rachael situation, if you know what I’m saying. Ross Washington and Rachael Hardy. They’re personal friends of mine, you probably don’t know them. But man… This situation is so them.

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CUPS 117: Zucchinis

If you’re living on a commune run by satanic nationalists, it’s likely that your zucchinis would be top notch. You may think that’s a weird thing to say, but it’s not unlike gymnastics in Romania in the 70’s and 80’s… If you have one job, and you’re fearful of your life, odds are pretty good that you’re going to make damn sure that the thing your doing is going to be to the top of your ability. No jokes, here, just dreaming of a world with zucchinis the likes of nothing we’ve ever seen on this planet. Can you imagine? Death zucchinis? They’d surely be incredible.

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