CUPS 128: Nap

CUPS has settled in nicely to becoming a webcomic about drug abusing cats and tired new-parent jokes. Glad you’re along for the ride.

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CUPS 127: Day Zombies

Perhaps differentiation between day and night zombies is unnecessary. Yes. This seems true. It seems like zombies are zombies no matter where or when they are. Glad I’ve gone and talked this through.

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CUPS 71: A List of Pros And Cons

*Car pulls up, a woman excitedly steps out holding a dozen balloons

*Woman opens back door and pulls out a giant Edible Arrangements®

*Woman rings doorbell, giggling to herself

*’A LIST OF PROS AND CONS!’ She yells maniacally when you open the door, and runs away screaming with delight

*A separate van pulls up with two men in hospital-like clothing.

*One man steps out and corrals the woman who is running around deliriously while the other man pulls out a syringe.

*One man catches the woman in his arms as she squirms uncontrollably

*The other man injects the woman with whatever is in the syringe.

*The man slowly injects the serum and as the woman begins to lose consciousness, he sighs and whispers, slowly but audibly ‘…a list of pros and cons…’

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