CUPS 71: A List of Pros And Cons

*Car pulls up, a woman excitedly steps out holding a dozen balloons

*Woman opens back door and pulls out a giant Edible Arrangements®

*Woman rings doorbell, giggling to herself

*’A LIST OF PROS AND CONS!’ She yells maniacally when you open the door, and runs away screaming with delight

*A separate van pulls up with two men in hospital-like clothing.

*One man steps out and corrals the woman who is running around deliriously while the other man pulls out a syringe.

*One man catches the woman in his arms as she squirms uncontrollably

*The other man injects the woman with whatever is in the syringe.

*The man slowly injects the serum and as the woman begins to lose consciousness, he sighs and whispers, slowly but audibly ‘…a list of pros and cons…’

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CUPS 60: Some Doctor

Oh no, the ‘it was all a dream’ trope. Only took me 60 strips to get here.

Hey, did you know that you can follow along with CUPS on tapastic? If you’re the kind of person who prefers opening your browser, going to a separate web page, and then opening yet another separate app or reader to read your comics than tapastic may be for you. It’s currently running from start-to-finish 5-days a week, but will drop down to two per week once we’re caught up.

Am thinking about doing another run of re-runs (awkward phrasing) on Tumblr at some point though I have no idea when that would be. So stay tuned for that maybe!

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CUPS 53: Another Comic About Panicking

Much of CUPS is biographical, but this part is kind of not. My wife and I freaked out a little bit, but I don’t recall ever having like real breakdowns where either of us was truly panicked. Maybe Lester is just my fears and worries that I mostly keep locked up inside. Maybe Norah is that as well. Maybe this is a fictional comic and you shouldn’t read too deeply into it and mind your own damn business.

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CUPS 52: Emotional Badass

When my son was born, the first night we spent at home, I was up most of the night terrified about the inconsequential slant to the bassinet mattress. I was thoroughly convinced that he was going to roll onto his stomach in the middle of the night, as a 4-day old, and suffocate himself. This was a complete and utter joke of a thought, but at the time I was this close to getting out a construction leveler and straight up shaving off portions of the mattress until it was at an exact zero degree slant. I think I have a tendency to dwell on things that don’t actually matter, and when I suddenly had a 4-day old I actually legit slipped into a short-term insanity that took me about a year to come out of. In short, nobody should have babies ever, because things would be so much easier and we’d all be so much better adjusted.

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CUPS 51: Freakout

Welcome to a series of strips were two people panic about having a baby. I hope I’m appealing to a sizable enough group of people, seeing as like a billion people have children every year, and God knows how many of them freak out about it.

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