CUPS is a comic about a group of people living in a cal-de-sac who are all way too emotionally invested in a neighborhood league built around a ridiculous table-tennis game. While it’s the game of CUPS that brings these folks together, the comic is about all sorts of things, ranging from serious to ludicrous. Ultimately the strip is not (usually) about CUPS, but of all sorts of things, which is what makes this sort of synopsis paragraph not only a waste of my time to write but also a waste of your time to read. I promise you won’t be disappointed, unless you stumbled onto this site looking for really right-leaning conservative news material, in which case you need to do a better job of stumbling onto things that you like.

The strip updates weekly, on Tuesday nights. Follow me on twitter or check out the fan page on facebook to get immediate alerts on when the strip updates. Finally, if you prefer your comics within the framework of an online comics reader, then you are in luck! CUPS is also available on tapastic. Finally, follow me on instagram @dustinmorrisonart for a collection of CUPS and other personal (and professional) artwork.Thanks for being here, you.