CUPS 77: Water

I promise you, we have nothing to hide. Oh, um, except don’t get the lobster roll, that’s, um, questionable for reasons that I’d prefer not to get into. The lobster mac and cheese, either. You know what? Best steer clear of anything with lobster in it. Same goes for really any shellfish-based items. And anything that’s made with land shellfish, too. Land shellfish? Oh, you know, like, chicken or cows. I’ll tell you what, it’s probably in your best interest to avoid meat of any kind off of our menu. Can I interest you in some pasta? Mmmm, yea, let’s avoid the sauce. How about I bring out some of our buttered noodles and a glass of water? It may be a little bit, we’re going to have to boil the water, of course.

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