CUPS 97: Beer Vendor

Poor Virgil. Working part-time as the beer vendor at the local concert venue, he had saved up about 85% of what he figured would be enough money to get through his junior year at Purdue University. Until that fateful night when that dude tripping on weird beer went crazy and spooked him. Virgil never returned to work, falling just short of financial freedom. He’d return to Purdue, but eventually would have to drop out, unable to afford living near campus. Eventually, Virgil would find a decent enough gig bartending down at the West Lafayette Dave & Busters. He’d keep in touch with many of his Engineering friends from the program, but he’d always deeply regret not being able to finish his program and pursue his dream of working with NASA and the space program. Unbeknownst to him, Lester lived the rest of his life, comfortably never realizing that he had drastically altered the life of a bright young man with a brilliant future.

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