CUPS 86: Blood Pineapple

What Sarge cuts Lester off from saying, interestingly, is that ‘Blood Pineapple’ is this really great band that does this thing where they are a really terrible band. Lester should speak in a less meandering, more direct way, because every time he gets cut off he misrepresents what he’s talking about. Like the time that he asked Norah to marry him, and he was all ‘hey, I have this thing on my foot. It’s not, like, you know, that concerning or anything, but… I don’t know, it’s been there a while. Just long enough for me to start worrying about it in the very back of my consciousness. I think I’m going to have it checked out. It doesn’t hurt per se, but I would say that it’s fairly uncomfortable most of the time. It’s also just kind of displeasing to look at. Not that I should be concerned with the aesthetics of this thing on my foot, but… Anyway, will you do me the honor?’

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