CUPS 8: Bad Omen

I always wonder how doctors keep it together. I mean, I would imagine that the bulk of the time the things they see they’ve seen a hundred times before. ‘Oh, what is that, a large bunion? Yea, you’ll be fine.’ But doctors are just regular people, too. So, they sometimes will see something and you just know deep down they’re going ‘Oh shit, this is some crazy leaky eye’ or whatever. I feel like at my job as a simple graphic designer, there are no less than like 5 times a week when I find myself saying ‘OMG this thing is cray’, and I only say that over simple file formatting issues. I’d just be the worst doctor. I’m pretty sure I could handle all the medical stuff, the hours, the stress of dealing with death… But I’d just be awful holding my tongue at some of the really crazy gross medical stuff.

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