CUPS 51: Freakout

Welcome to a series of strips were two people panic about having a baby. I hope I’m appealing to a sizable enough group of people, seeing as like a billion people have children every year, and God knows how many of them freak out about it.

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CUPS 50: Opening Night

CUPS stadium will from here on out be referred to ‘Dr. Pepper Stadium at CUPS confines‘, and we’ll all be wearing ‘Comcast’ patches on our left sleeves. The post-game show will no longer be referred to as ‘CUPS Tonight‘, but instead will be referred to as ‘CUPS Tonight, delivered by Dominos Pizza‘. Also, if you’ve got the chance, do your best to work Coors Light into any post-game interviews. I mean, it’s not vital, but with Coors Light being the official beer of CUPS, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to try and kick ’em a little bit of extra exposure when we can. Rick ‘Taco Bell’ McNamara OUT.

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CUPS 44: No Excuses

Lester and Norah considered going with PMS 360, but realized quickly that it was way too bold of a color. Then they shortly considered PMS Cool Gray 4C, and while it’s certainly subdued enough, they ultimately decided that it was too drab for a young child. They also went through a quick metallics phase where they considered PMS 871, 872 and 874, but of course they didn’t want their child growing up in a room that looked like some sort of bomb shelter. I think they made the right decision with the 277. Colorful enough to be interesting, not too loud to bug the baby. Good call, Josephs.

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CUPS 39: History

Here’s a comic that isn’t all that funny. I mean, maybe it’s funny to you, but I didn’t write it with humor in the forefront. Actually, we’re in the midst of a storyline where a few of these strips are like that. I hope you like it, because this is the backstory of CUPS. I’m not sure if it’s important, but it sure seems helpful to the understanding of the history of CUPS. You know what? Even if it’s not important, I gotta come up with some sort of thing to write about twice a week. Did you know that time just keeps going and these strips keep needing to be created and posted? It’s never ending and infinitely tireless, this time thing.

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CUPS 32: A Toast

Thirty-two strips have come and gone in the CUPS saga. Thirty-two is not a remarkable number. It’s not a particularly huge number, nor is it a multiple of ten. IT’S NOT EVEN A MULTIPLE OF FIVE. So, by all accounts, the thirty-second strip of this comic is not something to comment on, but here goes:

Thirty strips is a bit of a ‘magic’ number, historically, for humor comic strips. Back when newspapers were where you wanted to be, you needed to have thirty strips done in order to submit to the syndicates. Nowadays, of course, with the internet, you could have a quarter of a strip done and put it online to share with the world, but that thirty number still sticks out in my mind as significant.

This strip is my favorite to date artistically, and one of my favorites in terms of storytelling as well. I think it’s a big deal, to me and the overall story going on, and so I’m making note of it. There have been some good strips in the last ten or so, and there’s some pretty fun stuff coming up, too. So, bit of a humblebrag happening here, but, you’re reading this strip and hanging out on this site, so you must be sort of interested in this stuff, too! I guess what I’m getting at with all of this is that I think CUPS is heading to bigger and better things than even I could have imagined when I started. Thanks for being here, you, you’re making the whole thing worthwhile.

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