CUPS 55: Cup & Sorcerers

The Eggplant — upscale diner specializing in unconventional breakfast dishes like sweet potato waffles, wine and cheese omelettes, and gluten-free breakfast sandwiches.

Screw Head — a Christian book club that concentrates on modern day literature aimed towards those with celibate lifestyles.

Tomorrow’s Regrets —low-to-middle quality strip club, though many claim their steak tar-tar is the best you can find in the area.

Pink Ocelot — dive-y bar with some solid drink specials after 9 pm, but really is known for their illegal sports betting operation based out of the side room. Password to get in is ‘oligarchy’

XXX Bottle — just a thing Sarge saw while walking around downtown.

In case you were wondering.

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CUPS 11: SportsEye

Thank you for watching SportsEye. We keep an eye on sports while you keep an eye on us keeping an eye on sports. You know how SportsCenter has a Top Ten? Well, we have a Top 13, because we keep such a powerful eye on sports, we know there’s always more than ten Top Plays worth showing. Also, we cover minor league baseball and high school wrestling, because we give the people what they want.

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