CUPS 125: Really Nice Stretch of Time

‘Spending Time Together As A Family’ is code for ‘Learning To Co-Exist With A¬†Creature Hell-Bent On Destroying Us From The Inside Out Through Destruction Of Our Brain Through Exhaustion’. Also, ‘Shop’ is code for ‘Ice Cream Store’, and ‘Work’ is code for ‘Eating Ice Cream’.

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CUPS 57: Super Cool

‘Real World Magic’ includes, but is not limited to:

  • Being able to wake up right before the alarm goes off in the morning
  • Finding money on the street, but when nobody’s around, meaning that you can guilt-free keep the money because there’s no way you could ever find who lost it and return it.
  • Hitting all the green lights when you’re running late to work.
  • Telekinesis

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