CUPS 20: Dirk Frost: Ski Cop

Coming up tonight, on CBS — at 8:00, Frost and the Ski Patrol need to catch the perpetrator in a quadruple homicide. Armed only with a gut feeling and loose forensics implication, Frost is led off ski trail to a the hideout of noted drug kingpin Esteban Cabrera. What he finds is more than he could ever had expected. At 9:00 is America’s most watched new comedy, Mr. Edinson, about a farmer and his son, Davis, who switches places with the family horse, ironically named Mr. Ed. Hilarity ensues. At 9:30, You’ve seen Two Broke Girls, now get ready for the spin off series Three Broke Girls. Join Jessie, Jessie 2 and Bianca as they try to navigate through New York City on less than 17 dollars a day for reasons unclear. CBS — America’s Most Watched Station for some reason.

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