CUPS 34: The Morning After

Hangovers. They’re the worst am I right? (applause break) I mean, seriously, it’s like God’s way of punishing us if you think about it (applause break). “Don’t have toooo much fun down there!” (raucous applause break, lean back in smug appreciation of yourself for creating a new mountaintop for which other comedians to aspire to climb to)

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CUPS 33: The Night

Here’s the part where I deconstruct the joke and tell you why what you just read is funnier than you may have thought: The ‘punchline’ to this strip (having an internal narrative going on that implies to you your level of drunkenness) is at best the fourth funniest thing in this strip. ‘Prussian Dance Party’, ‘Peppermint Boston Terrier Shots’ and ‘The Night Descended Into Madness’ are all choice cuts of CUPS humor. Look, I get that you may find neither me nor my comic humorous, that’s fine. But whatever you may think that I’m doing with this comic in general, I’m doing that thing SUPER HARD in this strip

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CUPS 32: A Toast

Thirty-two strips have come and gone in the CUPS saga. Thirty-two is not a remarkable number. It’s not a particularly huge number, nor is it a multiple of ten. IT’S NOT EVEN A MULTIPLE OF FIVE. So, by all accounts, the thirty-second strip of this comic is not something to comment on, but here goes:

Thirty strips is a bit of a ‘magic’ number, historically, for humor comic strips. Back when newspapers were where you wanted to be, you needed to have thirty strips done in order to submit to the syndicates. Nowadays, of course, with the internet, you could have a quarter of a strip done and put it online to share with the world, but that thirty number still sticks out in my mind as significant.

This strip is my favorite to date artistically, and one of my favorites in terms of storytelling as well. I think it’s a big deal, to me and the overall story going on, and so I’m making note of it. There have been some good strips in the last ten or so, and there’s some pretty fun stuff coming up, too. So, bit of a humblebrag happening here, but, you’re reading this strip and hanging out on this site, so you must be sort of interested in this stuff, too! I guess what I’m getting at with all of this is that I think CUPS is heading to bigger and better things than even I could have imagined when I started. Thanks for being here, you, you’re making the whole thing worthwhile.

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CUPS 30: Tonowanda Ice

Everybody needs one of those stories that starts with ‘Man, we were so hammered’ and ends with something that looks like one of those weird surreal Zippy the Pinhead comics. If you don’t have one of those stories, make one up. But do it beforehand, so you’re not tasked with the responsibility of making it up on the spot, because no matter how smooth you think you are, you’re gonna screw that up. Improv bro story-telling is not an easy feat, and almost nobody can pull it off seamlessly. Just some food for thought.

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CUPS 23: Lunch

You missed the craziest lunch, dude. Joshua and Mike got into a taco eating contest, and they both lost and threw up everywhere. Then the manager came over and was all ‘get out of my establishment’ and then Joshua and Mike got into fisticuffs with the manager and some of the employees. The cops were called, and then Joshua and Mike ended up saying some really aggressive stuff to the cops, they got all mad, threw them on the ground… So, anyway, long story short, Joshua and Mike are facing 15 to life. Did I miss any calls?

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