CUPS 130: Finally Moving

Rick was going to do some research on Syracuse, but then Are You The One? came on, and you guys know how that goes.

An announcement – With this, the 130th comic of CUPS, the strip is going on indefinite hiatus. My life is going to be undergoing some fairly big changes in the coming months, and I figured I’d rather take a break and devote myself to all the things that need devoting to, rather than trimming attention and capabilities to those things and also a comic I very much care about. So, I hope you enjoyed reading the strip as much as I enjoyed making it. Maybe in a month or a year or a few years I’ll return to CUPS — I’ll surely have a new creative endeavor somewhere along the way — But I’ll be sure to post my happenings here when they… uh… happen. I’ll be honest with you — I really enjoyed doing this strip, and I definitely am bummed to become yet another Webcomic Artist Who Cannot Keep A Schedule, but there you go and here we are. Feel free to comment, tweet me, or follow me on Instagram, where I’m currently rolling out new CUPS strips to reach a slightly different audience. Thanks for being along for the ride, guys.

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CUPS 4: The Ivory Orb

I considered drawing a ‘This Side Up’ with an arrow pointing down on the box that Sarge is carrying, before thinking better of it… I think that would have been just a notch above a banana peel joke. But, then again, I sort of feel like in real life someone slipping on a banana would be pretty hilarious, if done all legit-like.

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CUPS 3: Sarge

Full disclosure, I spent a good 5-8 minutes of my life researching whether the Elk’s Lodge is a national thing, thereby being something that most people knew of. Even if it’s not, I kind of feel like context is your friend in this particular comic.

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