CUPS 15: Shirseys

Shirseys that I have owned: Karl Malone, Ken Griffey Jr., Chipper Jones, Cal Ripken Jr., Matt Wieters. I feel like this is information that should be out there if I’m going to continue writing/drawing this comic and if you’re going to continue reading it. Like, if it’s 2028, and I’m like 4,500 strips in, and you’ve been following me all this time and you somehow find out this information… It’s just going to change the entire dynamic that we’ve developed with each other. I don’t want to betray you like that, so I’m being upfront. I just like to lay my cards out on the table in an honest fashion. And so we’re clear, in this analogy my cards are actually shirseys. And ‘laying them out on the table’ is just me wearing them my whole life, completely unabashedly.

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